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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A National Geographic Kind of Day

Today was pretty much amazing!  

All I have to say is that God gave me an awesome day.  I had the house all to myself today and upon waking up I was really missing my hubs, but before I could feel sad for myself God grabbed my heart for an adventure!!!  God knows that sometimes I wish I had been a National Geographic photographer. I love animals and seeing the creativity of God in His creation. Well, today my Lord kept me company all day long with various animal sightings.

I felt like Snow White, creatures were flocking to my yard!  I want to share with you some of the pictures I took today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when I was taking them. 

This first set is of a coyote that wandered into our yard and while I was photographing him ate a baby bunny. It was very cool to see him catch it, but very sad for the baby bunny. 

The next set is of a variety of bird species that I witnessed throughout the day. Aren't they cool?!  The falcon in the middle made me jump for joy! I couldn't believe it. They are common up here but not seen that often! SO EXCITED!

The final grouping is of one bunny. I think this may be the Mama bunny whose baby got eaten by the coyote. She was chasing mag pie birds and running all over the place today. My heart broke for her. I think she may have been looking for her little baby. But, I'm pretty sure she knew it was gone and just wanted to birds out of her area. Poor bunny...

I had a really fun day playing professional photographer and enjoying God's creation.  Be blessed!



  1. I love your pictures. What a fruitful day. The animals must really like you, they all posed so beautifully for you.
    Love you lady.

  2. Love you too Diane! It was an awesome day! Yay God! Miss you friend.

  3. I must say - that would be a pretty amazing day for me, too! You got some FABULOUS pictures!