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Friday, May 3, 2013


This day was full.  Full of a lot of things...

So, my day started out saying goodbye for three days to my husband, my Mister, the love of my life!!! This is the first time in 2 1/2 years that we have been apart for this long. I know, I know, it's only 3 days, but I'm seriously in love with this man!  Anyway, a Christian brother blessed Chris with a 3 day fishing adventure, so I dropped him off and off he went.

So, the quick version of my morning went like this:

* Dropped off my Mister
* Almost ran out of gas on the way home
* Made it home and scrounged for change in  our drawers, pockets, dishes, ash tray in vehicle, etc.
* Barely made it to gas station at bottom of hill where I used the few dollars left in checking account for gas to make it to bank.
* Made it to bank and cashed in my coin (Total $3.89) I know, I've got the big bucks...

Then I had to know how sometimes the hydrating hits you all at once?  Yep, I was there. So this is where an adventure began. I was near a King Sooper's so I thought, well, they have bathrooms, right? I shuffled in and guess what? I was met by a "Closed for Cleaning" sign and a large cart blocking my way. Only the women's was closed. I had 5 guys pass me going into their bathroom while I stood there, legs crossed.

Anyway, so a McDonald's was near so I stopped and went in. I rushed into the bathroom and was beat to the handicap stall by someone in a grey sweater. The only other stall in there was open and I rushed pass a very tiny little girl and a woman drying her hands to go in. As I turned to go in I stopped dead in my tracks. The scene to which I walked into all the sudden became clear. The little 2 year old girl, cute as could be, was standing there smiling at me with no pants on. The woman was not drying her hands but drying the little girls hot pink pants. I looked at them and looked at the toilet that was smeared with poo.

All I could think was, are you kidding...I'm going to have a bladder infection by the time I find a decent toilet! The woman smiled at me and said, "Um, yeah, we had ourselves a little accident and are in the process of cleaning it all up. Sorry." I smiled and said no problem, it happens. The little girl shrugged and said, "Yeah, it happens." I then said my goodbyes and ran out at which point I decided to go the library. I needed to do some writing anyway, so off I went, pressure building. Needless to say I was very thankful that the library was not that busy and the bathrooms were to my liking and I was able to find some relief.

When I settled into my library cubicle I was honestly on the verge of tears. The morning had worn me down. I say all the above jokingly because I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was literally praying one moment to the next. When my husband kissed me goodbye this morning, he prayed that this weekend would hold unexpected joys for us both. Well, God in His tender way of giving good gifts to His children answered that.

I sat at the library and a friend called me and asked me to meet her outside the library real quick. I walked out and she got out of her car with an envelope. She hugged me and said that she and her husband had been praying and that the envelope was for me, to keep doing what God has told me to do, and know that HE loves me. She hugged me and we cried. I put the envelope in my purse and she drove off. This was unexpected. When I took my seat, I opened the envelope that said "A Gift from Jehovah Jireh" and was shocked at what I found. God provided. He gave me an unexpected joy. God is so faithful and good. I broke down and cried my eyes out for a good 10-15 minutes. I could fill my gas tank. I could pay a bill. I could rest in God's provision.

When I got home, my parents decided that Chik-fil-A was making dinner tonight and we went and enjoyed ourselves. On the way home, we drove by an intersection where a group of people were gathered staring up into a tree. We turned around and it was an owl nest!  I LOVE ANIMALS!  God's creativity in animals never ceases to get me giddy and clapping like a little girl. There were three puffy owl babies and a Mama in the nest. My Mom and I got really excited and made my Dad drive home very fast so we could grab our binoculars and camera. My Mom and I rushed back down the hill and I took some pics.  It's a little blurry because it was getting dark, but still, aren't they AMAZING!!!! Also, it was awesome that they had boundaries put around them to protect them. It is a federal offense to disturb nesting owls so I was across the street and far away when I took this. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

So, this day started off full of strife and lack, but the day has ended with God's abundant provision and two unexpected joys. Both were a gift. One practical provision, the other an opportunity to enjoy God's creation. He knew what I needed and what would make my heart leap in excitement. This is the goodness of the Lord.

Thank you Jesus.


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  1. Another breathtaking picture! You are truly blessed, lady!
    And what a day!