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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Because I Can...

I woke up this morning at 5:30.  This is unusual for me. I normally am catching my good z's at around that time; however, when my eyes opened, I realized I was awake. The "I won't be able to go back to sleep now" kind of awake. This also is unusual for me. My husband normally has to employ many different tactics to get me to join the world in the morning, but today I woke up and my husband was soundly sleeping at my side.

I looked at him and I couldn't decide if I wanted to get up or not, so I laid there for a moment before I determined that I could at least go to the bathroom. Up I went and as I turned out of my bedroom, I saw a pink glow rising softly outside the windows in the next room. I asked God to wait for me as He painted the sky while I went to the bathroom real quick.

There is one window on the east side of the house and so I went there. The sunrise had simple beauty. Pure pink shades spread out across the entire horizon. I smiled, said good morning to God, and went into the kitchen. One thing led to another. I unloaded the dishwasher. Made some coffee for my hubs. Then I looked out the window and looked around the kitchen and yawned. My body had all the sudden realized it was awake way earlier than normal.

I thanked God for waking me up, but I stood there staring out the window and thought, well, what should I do now. See, I am a doer. I do things. The whole being still thing I am not so good at. I can always find things to do, even when there might be something else I should be doing.  Should I read my Bible? Should I start a load of laundry first? Should I go back to bed?  I live in this constant cycle of doing things and feeling like there is always something else I should have done.

Then God whispered something unexpected to me. Honestly, at first I thought it was me. Go back to bed? Cuddle my sleeping husband? Surely, that was me. Then I heard God tell me that He wanted me to begin looking at this season in our lives a little differently. See, we are both still unemployed and my husband hurt his back a month ago and needs to do something different in the future than construction. He has started college classes and so our schedule is not traditional at the moment. Although, I am looking for something part-time, I am focusing on my writing, it is time.

Yet are any of you like me? I fill my days with so many "should do's" and then I feel guilty when I include something I want to do. This is something I know God is trying to break me of because in the midst of trying to do what I think He wants me to do, I am missing often the things He just wants to do with me. I miss the relationship. My daily schedule lately has not demonstrated that my God is fun and likes to share experiences with me and show me wonderful things. I have not been allowing the romance lately.

This morning God woke me up to teach me that I don't need permission to enjoy Him or what He's given me. He reminded me that when I fully embrace Him and what He's given that His glory radiates. So, with only a tinge of guilt (because I'm still learning), I went downstairs and crawled back into bed with my sleepy man. I wrapped my arms around him and fell asleep soundly. I rested.

God told me to go snuggle with my husband because I can. This season allows for that. What season are you in? What might God be giving you permission to do that will result in His glory radiating to this world and will allow Him to romance you again?

Go for a walk and don't time yourself.
Sit down and read a few chapters (or more) in that book you have been meaning to read.
Sit at your window and watch a bird for at least 10 minutes.
Get up in time to see a sunrise or position your life to watch a sunset. (I don't mean glance out the window and move on either. I mean sit, watch it rise or set, all the way.
Make your child laugh, or heck, ask them to make you laugh.

God's waiting for you to enjoy Him and what He's given.

Do it because you can...

I'd love to hear what you intentionally chose to do different in your day today to enjoy Him. Comment or send me an email. Have fun!

The following is a picture I took a different day. But isn't it something?

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  1. This is a great post, Aimee! I've been in this season far longer than you and yet, I don't think I realized this magical point until just now! Thank you!