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Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday! 

I woke up this morning and my sweet mister handed me a Starbucks coffee. I love my husband and his special gestures. In honor of my birthday we had someone else make our coffee. Ha! My parents also gave me a sweet card and gift and even my golden retriever kicked a card my way. She is very talented. 

Today I feel content that life is going in a positive direction. I am trying to find peace with myself in the midst of the craziness of this life. And I've decided that this year I want to enjoy, with more freedom, this life I've been given. 

I realized that those three things match up with what this blog is all about. It is a place for me to share about my romance with God, His word, and His creation and hopefully in turn, encourage you in these same areas.  

In honor of my own birthday and in honor to God for giving me more time with all you wonderful people, the below are some things that reflect what this blog, and hopefully my life is all about. 

I'm keeping it simple because I'm about to be taken out to breakfast, but please enjoy some pictures I've taken recently, enjoying relationship and creation.  Have a wonderful day and even if it's not your birthday, celebrate your life!  It's a precious gift!

Enjoy the people in your life and be fully present with them! We were made for relationship, so be brave and let yourself be known. Take the time to truly know them too, each life is a gift with so much to offer.

Take time for this book. It isn't a book of rules to follow, it is the most beautiful love letter from a wonderful God to his children. He wanted you to be able to know who He truly is...and if you don't know where to start, start at the beginning. That's what I'm doing... 

Let yourself enjoy God's creation. He put a lot of beauty and adventure out there for us to enjoy. Stop for a moment, gaze upon a sunrise or an animal's eyes, or the clouds in the sky. Then give him some joy by clapping your hands at his marvelous works. 

Be blessed dear friends, thank you for visiting my blog!

The birthday girl

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